Coniston mix-up

Mona Smith from Texas tells her tale of Guided Walking in Coniston:

A Tale with a happy ending


On our free day, three of us decided to walk into Coniston village.

However, what should have been a 30 minute stroll turned into quite the unexpected hike.

Somehow, we understood that we should turn right at the bottom of the drive at Monk Coniston Hall.

Untitled-3Up the hill we went, the road getting steeper as we walked. So we three educated women, being clever enough to know that a lake should be downhill rather than uphill, turned off onto a wooded path.

The path led us through a farm, up close to the cattle grazing in the pasture. The farmer assured us that the lake was “that way” so on we went.

After a long slog, through what we feared was private property, over a high rock wall and again into woodland, we finally saw Coniston.

From the far side of the lake!

Turns out we should have turned left.

Untitled-2 Much of our morning was gone and we were more than ready for refreshments in the village.

It turned out to be a happy day, with lots of laughs about our misadventure.

However, when we returned to Monk Coniston I had a mild panic! Due to a series of miscues and miscommunications, our return train tickets to London had not been delivered and had been returned to the train station.

With only a day left in our holiday, how were we to get a board that train???

House Manager John came to our rescue, after a late-night phone call on his day off and a personal drive to the station to pick up a new set of tickets.

So our wonderful holiday hiking in the Lake District had a happy ending after all.

Untitled-1To this day we are grateful for the week we spent with HF and, in no small measure, the professional and caring attention we received.”

Thank you Mona for sharing your tale, it sounds like you had a real adventure (even when you weren’t looking for one!)


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