Happy Memories

With over 100 years experience there are a lot of tales to be told.

Our latest tale comes from Jane Connell whose parents introduced her to HF Holidays back in 1957.

Read on for her, and her families, tale from the boot room.

“I just have a lovely feeling inside today!

My parents always took me on HF Holidays’ breaks  (they were shareholding members number 4 and 5! If they were still alive they would be 104 and 96).

We were regular guests on various family holidays but after I got married we moved on to walking in the mountains.

I’ve a lot of happy memories. My husband and I (now 63 and 57) took our children (now 24 and 30) on fantastic holidays as three generations.

All three generations visited Freshwater Bay as where else do you take an 81 year old when you’ve got young children? Such fun was had.

We also took five children to Malhamdale.

We did some amazing things and made some wonderful friends with HF Holidays.

I recently read a Facebook post from my son (he does like food!)…

“Hey hey, recognise this lunch? They still have tracker bars!!Packed lunch

These are the lovely replies from his family and friends:

Laura Parry
Are you on an hf? Xx
Chris Connell
I’m on Dad’s Facebook love those foxes please bring me back some Amy xxx•
Richard Bartholomew
Haha – that’s great! I seem to remember that a few more chocolate bars made it into those lunches!
Chris Connell
Kitty Bartholomew
Adam Connell
Laura Parry – my girlfriend Suz, her mum is a leader, so we are visiting for the weekend at Dovedale, apparently not THE Dovedale we stayed at, but a different house nearby, lots of memories.
Adam Connell
Sandwich stickers before before bed, meal choice in the morning





Adam Connell
Morning group huddle





Laura Parry
I miss it!!
Banjo Lillianbarthez
Me toooo! Those little plastic packets… The sandwich choices at night…. bell ringing! Happy memories. Happy days… Enjoy Ad and Suze! xxxxx
Cate Dixon
Ohh this makes me feel all happy and nostalgic xxx
Adam Connell
Just had the ‘walk talk’ medium is 9.5 miles! :0

These are comments mainly from people in their twenties …the NEW HF Holidays’ generation!

Thank you for fantastic holidays and lovely memories!

Jane Connell”

Thank you Jane for sharing these comments with us, it’s truly wonderful to see the next generation share in the passion for the outdoors.


If you’ve got your own tale to tell, please share it with us.



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