Investment Member weekend

Our latest tale from the boot room comes from Wendy Hall, an investment member of HF Holidays.

She has taken many holidays since her very first one at Newfield Hall, Malhamdale in 1985.

ggf Read on for her tale of a weekend at Peveril of the Peak, Dovedale.

In February 2015 Wendy and her husband Ken travelled to Derbyshire to join a celebration weekend for investment members.

To find out more about membership of HF Holidays click here.

“It was nice to meet up with so many friends that we had made over the years.

And the weather was a wonderful amalgamation of the seasons.

The first morning we woke to a scattering of snow on the ground (it was not forecasted), but during breakfast the snow began to get heavier.

The surprising thing was that everyone was still up for the planned walks, although the walk leaders had plan B ready, just in case!

We walked though all the seasons that day, snow, sleet, rain and hail and ended up in Bakewell in the sun, having really enjoyed the walking.

What we love most about HF Holidays is that without exception, you can sit down, have a meal and talk to different people, some you may know, others you don’t. There is always an interesting tale to listen to, or a light hearted story to hear – or tell!

You come away from a HF break having met interesting people and looking forward to your next holiday.”

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Thank you Wendy for sharing your tale, it’s wonderful to hear from members of HF Holidays as you’re essential to the society.


If you’ve got your own tale to tell, please share it with us.


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