Vietnamese ventures

Jasmin Dell, HF Holidays’ very own  Reservations Consultant, recently returned from a four month journey around the world. She’s come home filled with enthusiasm and eager to tell you about her time in Vietnam. image9 “In March, my tour of the world brought me to the beautiful land of Vietnam; a wanderlust dream of mine. Full of fascinating culture, historical places and ever-changing landscapes, Vietnam quickly became one of my favourite destinations. Everywhere I went I experienced a friendly, warm welcome from the locals and I felt very safe in my surroundings. The mouth-watering food I ate was prepared with fresh ingredients picked from the heart of Vietnam (the traditional dish of Pho was my personal favourite) – but I loved it all.” Visiting the historical city of Hoi An was simply fantastic. I was able to witness their lantern festival, where the town switches off their electrical supply and light multi-coloured lanterns in honour of their ancestors. image8 It was an amazing experience seeing everyone celebrate this beautiful festival together. Moving on, I felt that my trip would be incomplete without a visit to the shops of Vietnam. To my delight, I was able to find a lovely outlet that tailor-made dresses. As a person who loves fashion, it was great to explore the types of clothing worn in Vietnam.


Jasmin in her custom made Vietnamese dress

Vietnam completely stole my heart and I hope to return there again one day. If the opportunity ever came for you to go, I would say: “Don’t think about it, just go.”

Well Jasmin, thank you for sharing your travelling tale and giving us all travel envy. #tftb For more information about Vietnamese Highlights  call 0345 470 7558 or email our Reservations team (you might even get through to Jasmin!).


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