Adventure in Madagascar

Jackson Griffiths, HF Holidays’ very own Reservations Consultant, recently returned from his adventure across Madagascar. He’s absolutely buzzing to tell you his tale.

Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta), family group huddling together on tree ladder

“My trip to Madagascar was the first time I’d ever visited an African country. Madagascar is a wildlife haven with many endemic creatures found nowhere else in the world. This includes species of geckos, chameleons and birds.

My favourite moments were viewing its most famous residents, the lemurs, as they jumped around and dozed in the treetops above my head. I was so lucky to hear the whooping call of an Indri, the largest of the lemurs. They only spend about 4-5 minutes each day making noise, so this was very special.

I saw lemurs in Ranomafana & Andasibe National Parks and Anja Community Reserve.

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I also experienced the culture of this fascinating country of 18 tribes. I visited craft workshops where I got to see the process of paper making from mashed plants to finished sheets drying in the sun. I also learnt about silk production, from cocoon to silk scarf.

Madagascar was previously a French colony and this is apparent from some of the local menus. A culinary highlight for me was lunch of Ro Mazava (rice, boiled greens and meat) in a traditional Betsileo tribe family home. Earlier that morning I had walked through rice paddies with a local guide explaining to me the process of rice growing, cultivation and harvest.

I stayed in a range of comfortable hotels; one that needs a special mention, Tsara Camp, is in the heart of the majestic valley of Tsaranoro. I spent a really pleasant night here under canvas (thankfully with en-suite!). During the night, the sky filled with stars and the Milky Way.

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I rose before dawn and caught the sunrise over the mountains. Magical!

I left a piece of my heart in Madagascar and I’ll never forget the cool highlands and the warm coasts. If you are thinking of going to Madagascar be ready to see the cheekiest animals ever, and no, a lemur is not a monkey!”

Thank you Jackson for this entertaining tale!


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