La Gomera & La Palma

HF Holidays’ very own Reservations Consultant, Jodie Beaven, recently returned from her adventure visiting two Canary Islands – including one of HF Holidays’ newest destinations – La Gomera.

DYWKHX San Sebastian de la Gomera, Spain, overlooking the Roque de Agando on La Gomera

“I was given the greatest opportunity in February to travel to two Canary Islands I had never visited before La Gomera and La Palma.

My trip started in La Gomera which is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have visited; as I got off the ferry and we made our way to the hotel I was taken back by the mountains and the winding roads that took us up further into the mountains.

I remember 1 minute being in sunshine and within a couple of minutes I was up in the clouds, it was very surreal.

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Although I was only on the island for a short time I had a great time and was very fortunate to travel high up into the mountains to see the views and also trek through the rainforest.

I learnt many things on my trip, including that La Gomera is known for their palm trees which they use to make their own palm honey. I recommend trying the palm honey is you ever visit the island, it is very tasty!

Also, Christopher Columbus visited the island whilst on his voyage to America, they have their own national park with a rainforest at the top of the mountain.

The first road on the island was only built in the 70s and the Gomeran people have their own whistling language which was first used by shepherds and the mountain people.

My favourite memory was the visit to El Cercado, which has typical stone houses embedded in a beautiful terraced landscape. Workshops in this pretty village keep the traditional art of pottery alive.

After my short visit to La Gomera we then made our way by ferry to La Palma, it was a late crossing so I did not get to look out and see much. Once we arrived on the island of La Palma we took a transfer to our hotel The Parador which was only a short journey of approximately 10 minutes.

During the trip my group and I got to travel up the mountains to visit some popular view points and the views were amazing.

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We also went on a few short treks during the time I spent there with breathtaking views.

My favourite place was the artificial waterfall in Los Tilos, in the Laurisilva Forest, the view and scenery was like nothing I have seen before – totally stunning.

Along with taking in the scenery we also made a few visits while we were there. One of the visits found us at a rum factory, which I was very happy about!

We got to see how the rum was made and, my favourite part, tasting the different flavour rums they make.

I learnt a few things about the island of La Palma during my visit – the main thing being that the weather can be very different on opposite sides of the island.

Clouds hitting the mountains, can keep one side of the island warm and sunny, while the other side has colder temperatures and cloud.

I got to experience the weather change during my trip as we were travelling back from the west side of the island which was miserable and grey, we went through a long tunnel for about a minute under the mountains to get to the east side and as soon as we came out of the mountains it was sunny and bright.

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It was a very strange feeling but was amazing to see such a drastic weather change in such a short amount of time. It felt like I had just travelled through a tunnel to another country.

The island of La Palma is well preserved as the ice age never made is that far and the island is very fertile.

This was an amazing trip as I got to experience new surroundings, cultures, food , meet lots of lovely people and stay in very accommodating hotels.

I had never heard of La Gomera before my trip and did not know much about La Palma but now I have visited both beautiful islands I will certainly go back.

Not only are the people very lovely on both islands but they make you feel very welcome.

If you are looking for a quiet, calm location to enjoy your walks and see some outstanding scenery, visit some lovely towns and learn some history, La Gomera and La Palma are definitely islands you should visit.

I would highly recommend them for outdoor lovers”

Thank you Jodie for such an insightful tale.


For more information about HF Holidays’ La Gomera or La Palma trips call 0345 470 8558, visit the HF Holidays website or email their travel experts.


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